E-Learning Sales Automation Process

Hey there! Go through the e-learning sales automation process flow for user acquisition and automated sales pitch. Read here to know the benefits of the user acquisition campaign.

The Sales Automation Process:

Step 1: Run a Lead Generation Campaign in Facebook with a free course as lead magnet.

Step 2: Get the lead registered into your platform automatically. Here it is Daily Skills by Spayee.

Step 3: Give access to the course in the platform.

Step 4: Inform the user about the login credentials.

Step 5: Add the user to the CRM.

Step 6: Add to Opportunity/ Pipeline.

Step 7: Send the up-sell message to WhatsApp.

Step 8: Add a task in the CRM.

Step 9: Send a reminder to sales team through WhatsApp.

Step 10: Wait for user action, and if not paid, give a call to close.

Step 11: Update in the CRM and add to re-marketing campaign, if deal lost.

Step 12: Update in the CRM and add to up-selling campaign, if deal won.

e-learning sales automation
Sales Automation Process for E-Learning platforms

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Most of the activities mentioned above can also be implemented using Business Studio alone, however for multi channel versatility, integrations can be planned. The above mentioned process gets executed in a few seconds time, though after Step 6, give a few minutes delay, so that the user can complete the mobile app download and login to the platform to access the free course.