E-Learning User Acquisition Automation

For an e-learning platform, every user counts. Though the platforms run a lot of lead generation campaigns for e-learning user acquisition, for every course they have, unless the leads turn out to be paid customers, the platforms fail to onboard them as a user. This results in the wastage of campaign expenses unless the lead is converted. In case, if the users could be registered into the platform meanwhile, there is a scope of up-selling in the future and it also helps in increasing the valuation of the platform.

Here, we will see how to do an e-learning user acquisition campaign, using a free course.

The platforms being used for this process here are Business Studio, Spayee, Pabbly Connect and WhatsApp API

Campaign Objective

Get more leads for the ‘Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Malayalam’ in the Daily Skills platform.

The Process

  1. Run a Lead Generation Campaign in Facebook.
  2. Keep a free course as a lead magnet, and this justifies registering them into the platform.
  3. Enrol the lead into the course and inform the login credentials in WhatsApp.
  4. Further, pitch the paid course with an offer.
  5. Inform the sales team to follow-up immediately.
  6. Get the sales done, and add them into the nurturing campaign.

User Acquisition Campaign Overview

e-learning user acquisition campaign
The E-Learning User Acquisition Automation

Benefits of the user acquisition campaign

  1. Only one sales staff is required, that too just to push into the sales.
  2. All leads become registered users in the platform.
  3. End-to-end automated process and seamless flow.
  4. Super-fast execution and that too in a proper journey map.
  5. Run evergreen ads and scale with multiple traffic sources.
  6. Increase app downloads consistently.
  7. Further notify the learners through Spayee.
  8. Get the users on a forever running campaigns using Business Studio.
  9. Integrate with any platform for even invoicing and task management using Pabbly Connect.
  10. Reach the customers through the most preferred messaging platform, WhatsApp.

If you’re into the e-learning business, this process will be ideal for you to get more users onboard. Book a demo of Business Studio, if you need any assistance to set it up for you.

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